Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a conservation field researcher? Join our dedicated San Diego Zoo Global scientists on their adventures as they give us firsthand accounts of what their work entails, their setbacks and successes, and what they see and discover in the world’s wild places.

“Wildlife Field Notes” is a blog specifically about our wildlife conservation work, providing personal accounts of efforts that take place locally, at our Zoo and Park, in the lab, and around the world. Be it surprising images from camera traps set deep in the forest, a hair-raising rappel into a wild condor nest, video of working with elephants in a behavior study, a treacherous hike to catch a glimpse of an Andean bear, or a joyous Eureka moment in the laboratory that can help save endangered species, our multi-pronged approach to wildlife conservation provides ample material for thought-provoking and inspiring blog posts. Updated regularly, these short stories will be a bright reminder of our dedication to and hope for endangered species around the world.