Condor Cam Chick Needs Name

Name the Condor ChickHatched on April 29, a small condor chick emerged into the world observed closely by animal care staff at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Adding to the more than 180 condors hatched at the Safari Park since the breeding program began in 1982, the little chick was placed with adult condors Sulu and Towich so they could raise it to adulthood. Its growth has been watched by thousands of people through a live Condor Cam placed in the nest box. Now animal care staff are asking these interested watchers to help choose a name for the young female bird.

Viewers can go online at to vote for one of five suggested names. In keeping with the tradition of the condor program, the names have been selected from the Kumeyaay language. The name receiving the most votes will be used for the chick for the rest of its life. Voting closes at end of day on July 20.

“California condors are an important native species in the western United States and hold a special place not only in the ecosystem but in the culture of the people native to this area,” said Michael Mace, curator of birds at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “By giving condors names from the Kumeyaay language, we hope to honor the role of condors in human culture throughout history.”

At more than 2 months of age, the condor chick is covered with fluffy, gray feathers and is still closely cared for by its foster parents. The young bird will continue to grow and mature over the next couple of months until its flight feathers grow in and it is ready to leave the nest. Animal care staff at the Safari Park hope that the chick will be able to take its place among the wild populations that have been released in California, Arizona and Mexico.


34 Responses to Condor Cam Chick Needs Name

  1. So we have another girl. Thanks for the info. This morning she was really stretching her wings under the camera. Her wing feathers are growing rapidly. They are so beautiful. I think feathers are a magnificent creation.
    Thanks Ron and associates for this opertunity to watch another chick grow and develop. Wonderful entertainment.

  2. I do like the idea of being able to vote for the baby condor, but we do not have a facebook nor a twitter account,
    and we choose not to go that route, however, it would be nice for those such as us, that could stll participate and vote for our new babies.
    We have been members or 15 years and enjoy our SD Zoo and Safari Park as well as the pleasure in supporting our critters
    and all future critters for this world and all to enjoy.
    Thank you
    P.S. I would choose the name to go on, as we want all Condors to be able to do that. W hat a classy chick she is!

    Monitor’s note: We are happy to manually add your vote for Su’nan, Dale and Patricia. Thank you!

  3. Caron…”Caron the Condor”



  4. Constance the Condor

  5. I too have chosen not to join Facebook or Twitter. Could you please add another vote for Su’nan. It’s a perfect name for her and I’m sure represents all of our wishes for them. Thank you again for all you do!

    Monitor’s note: Yes indeed, Dianne!

  6. I, like many others, have no Facebook or Twitter … could you please also add Su’nan for me as well. Thank you!

    Monitor’s note: You bet, Mary!

  7. Somebody please fix the condor cam.

    Monitor’s note: A large spider web is across the camera, and the cam often focuses on that web, distorting the view. We are hoping it will soon blow away, but staff can’t access the cam without disturbing the chick, which would most certainly disturb her parents, so we’ll just have to be patient.

  8. I also want to bypass Facebook and vote for Su’nan. Can you make that happen? :)

    Monitor’s note: We can, Ene! Thank you.

  9. I, too, wish to cast a vote for Su’nan. Thank you.

    Monitor’s note: Got it, Jamie!

  10. Zelda, a really good name for a lady Condor xx

  11. I do not do Twitter or Facebook either. Please cast my vote for Su’nan.

    Monitor’s note: Your vote has been cast, Edith.

  12. Please cast my vote for Su’nan since I don’t do Facebook either. I do like Zelda tho too, ha ha, cute!

    Monitor’s note: We’ll just put you in for Su’nan, sheryl!

  13. It has to be Callie!

  14. connie or condorlisa

  15. I still cast my vote for Phyllis! She definitely looks like a Phyllis.

  16. I found a book by Jane Goodall, “Hope for Animals and their World: How Endangered Species are Being Rescued from the Brink”. They had a chapter about the CA Condor and there was a photo donated by Mike Wallace (whose name I recognized from the staff page on this site). I think the book can be found at a well-stocked library.

    It was a short chapter b/c there are a number of species included in the book, but interesting read.

    They even had a photo of giant panda, Su Lin, who I think was born at the San Diego Zoo but this was before I was watching the panda cam. I have not read the panda chapter yet.

    • checked the copyright and it’s 2009. so the book is a bit older but still interesting to read.

  17. I apologize if I missed this info, but when will the winning name be announced?

    I will be using this as an activity with some adults who have had a stroke or traumatic brain injury and I hope I can share with them the winner! :)

    Monitor’s note: Voting closes at end of day on July 20. We should be announcing the chick’s name soon after that.

  18. Condor Cam down last couple of days, I miss seeing our little girl. When will the cam be back up? Thank you so much for the great works your all doing!!!

    • I hope all is well with the chick, I’m worried with the cam down

    • sorry, it seems I sent my note to the wrong place I’ll try again

  19. I hope everything is ok with Chickie. I miss seeing her on the Cam.

  20. Our chick has grown in just a few days in which the camera was off . Thank you for working to restore it

  21. I missed watching chickie while the cam was down. her wings are now so long.
    has she been able to hop onto the ledge yet?
    thanks for fixing the video.

  22. I have seen where chickie appears to be flapping her wings while also hopping at the same time. I haven’t seen her try to hop onto the ledge. thanks for adjusting the view to include the ledge area.

  23. So what’s the chick’s name?

    Monitor’s note: Voting closes July 31.

  24. What a great show. The chick is giving you a work out this AM trying to keep the camera on her. Beautifully feathering wings, hopping all over, carrying feathers. Haven’t seen the other chicks play with feathers they way this one has ever since she was tiny. Saticoy and Cuyamacha had individual differences, but this chick’s behavior is very different from each of theirs.
    Thank you for getting the camera fixed. I really enjoy watching her and learning more about these magnificent birds. Thank you for working hard to save them.

  25. yesterday I was watching chickie stretching her wing. it is already looking long and magnificent with feathers growing in.

    • I only caught the tail end but it looked like chickie was flapping her wings in order to prevent her parent Towich (or the male) from grooming her (I assume she was protesting something like that). soon after, the parent left the inside of the nest and appeared to fly away.

    • I always get a kick out of how the condor chicks sleep. they seem to sprawl out and kick their feet out behind their body. this chickie is even stretching one wing (for a few moments) in her resting position. I wonder if birds have a conception of the changes in their bodies.
      maybe b/c I only see adult birds in my everyday life, I have never seen other birds (non chicks) that lay their heads down on the ground to rest.

    • chickie plopped herself down in one corner. then she kind of kicked and slid on her breast section on the floor (along the wall) for almost two body lengths. I guess she did not feel like getting up or she was looking for a better napping position. it looked so silly and maybe fun(?).