Panda Bai Yun: Still Waiting

Well, Bai Yun?

Over the years, we have often used words like “textbook” and “clockwork” to describe giant panda Bai Yun’s reproductive behavior. This year, however, has been different, and Bai Yun is reminding the San Diego Zoo’s Panda Team that we still have a lot to learn about pandas!

While much of what we’re observing of Bai Yun’s behavior and hormone levels is consistent with past pregnancies, we are still unsure of her status. As a result, while we think it is safe to say that we are all feeling a bit anxious, we are continuing our pregnancy monitoring efforts. Veterinarians are still conducting regular ultrasounds, and researchers and animal care staff are still doing all that needs to be done to perform thermal imaging and to monitor hormone levels and behavior.

The average gestation period for a panda is about 135 days. Interestingly, one of the longest gestation periods we have a record for is 184 days, and this record is held by Bai Yun’s mother, Dong Dong! We’re hopeful that we might still have a pregnancy but are watching with a scientific eye to see what new discoveries we might be able to make about the reproduction of giant pandas.

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  1. Okay so how long do we wait? I mean eventually you decide it isn’t going to happen right?

    • We will continue to be on pregnancy watch until either a cub is born, or her behavior, anatomy and hormone levels return to “normal/non-pregnant” levels for at least one week.

    • She is just a beautiful DIVA with or without a cub, and we have to give a lot of credit to Gao Gao.
      Who is also the King of kings.

  2. Thank you again for keeping us posted. We love Bai Yun anyway, no matter which way it goes this year.
    Well, I was hoping for a photo of Su Lin’s boy showing his black sleeves and pantlegs; we got the pantlegs, anyway–I’ll keep looking for a more ‘complete’ view of the cub, as in, a *face* perhaps…? (laughter follows).

    giantpandazoo (dot) com/panda/http:/

    • Wonderful! Does this mean that Su Lin has her own cubby back, or is this still the replacement cub? The article doesn’t say.

      From the early photos, the injuries to her cub didn’t look all that bad. I certainly hope I just missed the announcement that she’s caring for her own little boy now!

      Moderator’s note: Su Lin is caring for her own cub.

      • it’s in chinese but here are lots of pics of Princess Su Lin and her little prince

        blog (dot)

        • Those are marvelous! Thank you so much!

          I think I like the last one best.

          He is certainly a big boy!

  3. I am so glad to hear that you aren’t giving up on Bai Yun yet. I sure am not. Thanks for the update.

  4. She is a woman of mystery at the moment!!

  5. What a wonderful picture of Su Lin and her son. She is such a good Mom, like her Mom. still keeping my fingers crossed for a new little one.

    moderator: have you been able to detect a heart beat

    Panda Team responds: No.

    • That’s too bad, is that normal that you can’t hear a heart beat, maybe she’s all done having little ones. My first baby Panda was Yun Zi and I love him to death, I get many hours of enjoyment from our little fella, I have pictures of Yun Zi and Bai Yun on my mantle. Momma deserves a break from baby making, she needs to enjoy her retirement and the spoiling of her keepers.

  6. She’s waiting for early September. She’s like to have her probably last baby on her birthday – September 7th. It’s my birthday, too.

    • So nice you share a BearDay with our Bai Yun…Happy Birthday—-so I will not have pressure to remember….Love AuntieGrammmie

  7. A woman of mystery is the only kind to be… :) Bai- a standing ovation for all you have accomplished for the future years to come is all we really need to celebrate right now- as we sit and wait. What a wonderful finish line moment if that is the course nature takes.

  8. Dear Diary,

    So funny, today my BFF Jade almost fell, literally at the feet of Prince Yunnie. He is cute and she thinks he is the one. I told her it is her first love, take it easy. After all she is 2 and I think so is he. He and Sheng were doing their He-Panda thing with some Kung Fu stuff in the courtyard. JJade kept sighing and making goo goo eyes at him. I had to tear her away.

    Now his friend Fu Long, now that is a cutie, also Xi Lan. But I suspect Xi Lan will be a heart breaker. He loves the girlies.

    Well back to my embroidery. I am making a table cloth for Mama and Papa’s anniversary. I am not delicate like Jade so I keep having to take out stitiches and my paws are ouching cos of the needles. Never mind it will be worth it as Mama will be pleased.


    Dear Diary,

    HE IS THE ONE! My heart wants to fly and go to him. I love his smile and his manly giggle – Hee Hee. He is soooooooo sweet. I almost made a fool of myself. I got Ping to walk with me to the courtyard as I knew he was working out with his Ge Ge. I tripped and nearly fell at his feet…..Hee Hee Hee, it might not be a bad thing come to think of it. But Ping caught me in time and saved me from some blushes. She is so naughty. She said next time I give the word and she will push me into his arms and so I won’t miss! Bad girl that Ping but I love her as she is my BFF. Hee Hee…..Mrs Gao Yunnie…..Princess Gao Bao Yu…..hee hee….

    Good Night, dear Diary xoxoxo,

    Dear Diary,
    Wah, girls are funny creatures. They sure do giggle a lot. Jade and Ping came by as I was learning techniques from Ge Ge. And they giggled all the time. I was worried that I had like food stains or some thing on my fur or something that amde them giggle but there was nothing.

    I pretended to ignore them but I did notice Jade had on a lovely blue frock. She has such expressive eyes. Ge Ge tells me to take it slowly. Hee Hee, I shall cos if she is the one then…..

    Night Night,

    Dear Diary,

    My precious boy is growing up so fast. Already he is in love and the girl is a lovely one. As a Mama I only hope they will be happy. I have investigated her family and by all the reports she is a good girl and her family is of good stock. So I can look forward to 4-5 grandchildren.

    G thinks I worry too much. But which Mama does not worry about her cubbies…..they grow up so fast. Maybe I should have another. They bring such joy and I love twirling them on my feetsies….We’ll see…..maybe in Spetember, just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    Peace and Love,
    Bai Bai

    • Princess Liln Ping—glad to hear that you enjoy embroidery too. It is a nice quiet hobby that leaves you with lovely gifts to give. I have been doing it off and on for 60 years. When I was 40 years older I found that some of the stitches I used were out of place, and when I learned the new stitches I knew how to work so much neater. If you want any help, or want to learn some new stitches just call on me—I would be honored to help-Your Royal Highness
      I just checked up on Auntie Bai Yun—she is half way awake and near the log she uses to get up there on the platform. Enjoy your special day Love, Hugs and Kissies for you from AuntieGrammmie

    • Wow! The diaries are a great way to tell a tale. They mimic the epistolary technique where story is told through letters written by the characters. Very clever!

  9. As I’ve said before, if the cubby bakery is closed for good, that’s fine. Bai has given us all more happiness than can be measured and if she’s decided to retire from motherhood and become a full-time grandma, God bless her! Love you, Bai!

  10. Dear Mom,

    I know this letter is overdue, and I know you understand why. I was so ashamed by what happened, especially being your daughter and feeling like I failed you. I was so overwhelmed by it all, and I must confess I was trying so hard to live up to your reputation and Hua Mei’s. I forgot all about your book on Panda rearing, but I have it now. Don’t have much time to read it, but I am using it.

    Mom, how did you do this, I have a whole new respect for you and the amazing job you did raising us kids.

    I don’t see Zhen Zhen anymore. I miss her, she could always make me laugh with her crazy antics. Was I ever like that? We used to sit eating bamboo and list all the things we missed about San Diego. And of course, you were always at the top of the list.

    I never told anyone this before, but when I was moving through the tunnels each day, I would seek out your scent. It always made me feel better, knowing that you were near. And I miss that.

    I love you so much, Mom and I promise to keep in touch. Give my love to Dad. Oh, and tell my little brother, I heard what he did to my exhibit, and, oh, is he in trouble; just kidding.

    Your loving daughter,
    Su Lin

    PS I will try to include pictures of your new grandbaby next time.

    • Sweet and sad. Gotta get those iPaws working!

      • That was precious Dia, ty.

        • So nice to have more stories. I especially love P. Wong’s and Lucilla’s stories—but that does not mean that I do not enjoy and cherish all of the “What the Pandas See and Think” stories from other authors too. It is a lovely way to express Pandholic’s feelings about them that we devour them.
          I split the screen and have the Panda cam tucked in a corner so I can keep an eye on it, as well as read and write here. Bai is giving a great demonstration on laying very still-LadyLike poses or otherwise, she is trying to nap on her “shelf” in the Sunroom. Love AuntieGrammmie

  11. Hey, you guys! I know I haven’t written to you all too much lately, but I’m here now! Have had alot going on over the last couple of weeks. Just read the latest about Bai Yun and her gestation process. I was hoping to see the latest of the thermal imaging pics from Bai, but I don’t see them with this article. Hope to see some good pics later on with the next article!
    Two birthdays this week! Mei Sheng will be 8 years old this Friday, August 19; Hua Mei will be 12 years old this Sunday, August 21! Both pandas are at Bifengxia, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the both of them!! Have fun with your bday ice cakes, bday presents, and bday snackies!
    Bai Yun is now at 124 days gestation as of today, Wednesday, August 18. Yep, we’re still waiting on Bai to have her sixth cub! I’m kind of thinking that Bai is probably waiting to have her baby panda on her birthday on September 7, but if she has her cub sooner, that’s fine. As usual, the waiting can be agony for all of us pandafans!
    Caught Yuni on the pandacam a few minutes ago just walking around his yard.
    Gotta go for now. Will be back later on!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  12. Is there a 24-hour pregnancy watch on Bai Yun?

    Panda Team responds: Currently, each morning we review video that has been recorded of Bai Yun overnight, and we keep a very close watch on her during the day.

  13. Here is Wolong’s panda blog. I love the very last picture in which Su Lin was bear hugging her baby.

    • blog (dot)

      Baiyun is a happy grandma….no matter what….

      • Even after “repairing the link” I was unable to get anywhere with it. Did it loose something in translation, or must I just keep trying this link—Help from anybody will be greeatly appreciated…Love AuntieGrammmie

        • AuntieGrammmmie: You can give this one a try but you need to scroll down to the third entry dated 2011-08-02…You will recognize the first picture showing Sulin carrying the boy in her mouth. Then click open to see all the pictures.


          • Thank You

        • AuntieGrammmie, try this:
          when you “repair the link” (and I’m assuming that you mean typing the period over the “(dot)”), make sure you also remove any spaces to the left and right of the period. I hope this fixes it for you.

          • You were cracker jack right on the spot of my use of “repairing the link”–thank you in case I did not know how…we must repeat it often for everybody to know….cannot always assume everbody knows the same things we do

        • Dear Grammmie, try this — hope this helps,this gets you to that site also………… Rhonda in Mass,….

          • I want all of you to know how much I apppreciated all of your help….Love AuntieGrammmie

  14. Bai Yun like to keep us panda fans waiting. We all have fingers and toes crosssed
    that she will have one more little ball of fur.
    Thank you for the update.

  15. Dear Panda Team,
    It’s been 124 days since Bai Yun last mated. The statistics in your blog state that the gestation period could last 184 days. Oh my goodness! This means that the cub could be born as late as October 20th. The waiting game may continue for another two months.

    These bears never cease to amaze me. I’ll be watching and waiting and counting every day. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on Bai Yun’s progress.

    • Rose-If hope could make a cub or cubbette we are assured that we will get one…but I remember that they were not too sure that Bai would birth Yun Zi. Does anyone out there want to put money on it???? Love AuntieGrammmie

      • Hi Grammmie, in 2009, the panda team did announce that Bai Yun was expecting twins. Then it was determined that they could only see one cub on the sonogram.

        As far as betting, I am strictly a “nickel machine” person, so I will bet one nickel that the cub will be born in September/October. :-)

        As mentioned in the blog above, don’t forget that one of the longest gestation periods was 184 days, and this record was held by Bai Yun’s mother, Dong Dong!

        • How true Rose. I was so sure since they mated on their anniverssary of Yun Zi’s conception I was hoping that would be the day……….but since this will be only my second Baby Panda—I joined in the fun the day Yun Zi was birthed–I am still hoping that there is just one more Cub or Cubbette…..but the best for Bai and the whole family.

  16. In the “PandasLiveOn” news today there was a photo of five Pandas who will be enjoying a special clebration on Sunday—Birthdays for the “Returnees” to China. I see it as they are making a new home in the land where their parents were born.
    I have not been in Panda Heaven long enough to tell them all apart…I wondered if the one with the feet waving—middle left was ZZ but this one has a cub in her arm…does that make her Hau Mei or Su LIn—or has LanieBear been busy and I missed it??? I will be saving the photo but really would like to put a name with each of them. Just a few days ago I was about to identify (for mysself) a photo of Su Lin as Yun Zi—he must look a lot like her as he matures. Looking forward to knowing who is who, Thank You…Love AuntieGrammmie

    • Initially I thought it’s Su Lin…but I looked more carefully this morning and believe this should be Hua Mei. Su Lin is in Wolong and won’t be present in BFX. Also judging from the background it doesn’t look like the cave Su Lin is currently using as the den at all.
      Lani & the Japanese born bears are in Chengdu. I hope they get a similar celebration too!

      Below left is Tai Shan. I hope Rita will check if he is gaining back some weight as he recovers. On his right is Fu Long.

      • June–Thank You so much for getting the information to me….it will help me enjoy the five photos that much more…Love AuntieGrammmie

  17. Watching the web cam for a bit, and seeing the “blinking” of Yun Zi’s area made me think something was wrong with the webcam—-then I realized, as usual, he is posing for the visitors so the blinking will go on until the zoo closes at night. It is nice of all those Yun Zi fans to visit him—and some of the other animals too….Love AuntieGrammmie

  18. Well AuntieGrammmie is wrong again…..I checked in before shutting down at 12:30 Yunior Time….., but unless there was a special night on Thursday he was up and eating, and the cam was still acting as if there were flash bulbs going off. Love AuntieGrammmie

  19. Aww the article says Su Lin’s cub is “relatively large”, she must be feeding him well! :) Perhaps Bai Yun may be getting too old to have any more babies?

  20. Bai Yun’s 1st boy, Mei Sheng, turns 8 today. Birthday photos here:

    • Thank you for all your pictures! Now it’s impossible to catch ZZ & MS on pandacam.
      I look forward to seeing more of yours.

  21. For his 8th birthday Mei Sheng got a birthday cake made with love by Rita Petita herself!!
    A beautiful close-up of Mei Sheng on his 8th birthday
    On your birthday you can do anything, even sleep in your bamboo. Right Mei Sheng?
    That is nice of you to come to see me too!! Zhen Zhen came down from her trees to see Rita Petita!!

    • Danielle—I got the “Privacy notice” when I tried the last link—any idea why????? Thank you Love AuntieGrammmie

      • I may have a ppossible reason that we cannot access the last one—-perhaps it is not posted to Rita’s page but someone else?????

        • Wrong again—they werew all posted on Chet’s page.

  22. Loved the pics of Mei Sheung. Couldnt access Zhen Zhen-forgot how I set up my access to Rita. Didnt write it down. DUMMY!
    Mei Sheung is a favorite at his present home base. Or so the blogs say.
    He certainly is beautiful. Did he father any babies? Apparently Hua Mei is a mother of many cubs. I’ll bet they are as beautiful as she is.Waitingfor news of Mei Lan and pregnancy . Any boy friends?
    I have to admit that our American Pandas are beautiful! Maybe it’s the love they get? With no heart beat yet, I decided the stress makes me a little nuts!Whatever happens,we know Bai’s genes will go on now with all her babies having babies.
    So a baby or no, there are other babies to love.Can we vote on a husband for our Zhennie?He should be a crackerjack!

    • Virginia–here is a link to RP’s photos:

      The latest photos are from Chet–RP hasn’t posted hers yet (can’t wait!).

      I agree with you about voting on ZZ’s husband–he’d better be pretty special! It will still be a couple of years though.

      • How can I thank you enough! I WAS OVERJOYED TO SEE THE PICS!

    • I was just checking in on the Pandas at SDZ, and saw Gao Gao of the Furry, Fluffy, Feetsies go for a moonlight stroll. I loved all the times I caught the late night matches (wrestling that is) between Bai and Yunior—in the moonlight. The late night viewing was not as good as it is now—-but they got their licks in.

    • Yes-voting on her future hubby might be good practice. I wonder if we all would have been so hot for Su’s man if we knew he was dating somebody else at the same time. Well at least it was all in the family when Su needed to practice on a bigger baby for a bit before being reunited with her baby….and she helped out his girlfriend too.Now–as to someone for ZZ, it would be best if he were vigorous-since she is so fast. He should be handsome, rich, and I think a titled or royal prince would be nice too. How about it gang–do you think we can help ZZ out?????

      • He must at least be handsome!~And virile! AND NOT TOO OLD!!
        Our Zhennie is sweet, beautiful, and seems happy always. No dour husband for her!
        Perhaps we should have a few or more to choose from! And so we can keep one or two in reserve!

  23. Just watched the birth of two babies. Do not blame Su Lin! This mother had two screaming babies flopping around and she had major trouble picking up the first one! Seems to me tthat the mother is the hero! She doesnt mangle or harm this tiny thing and it flops here and there and she drops it, who wouldn’t and it screams bloody murder! Su you are a hero!! Fortunately all of the trial was watched and the babies were rescued. But in the wild???

  24. Moderator—the camera has been flashing a white light in a fast, haphazard fashion. I twas the same way on Yun Zi’s cam last night, and tonight it is on Gao Gao. I had thought earlier in the evening that it was flashes going off, disruptting the proper flow, but it is starting to give me a headache. I know–turn the darned thing off. I would but tonight it is Gao Gao fo the Fluffy Furry Feetsies…love grammmie

  25. Happy Birthday, Hua Mei!!! You are still so special to my husband and me.

  26. Bai Yun’s firstborn, Hua Mei, turned 12 today. Here are the birthday photos (screencaps off a long video that I took):

  27. Today, August 21st, in honor of Hua Mei’s 12th birthday, I would like to share some video clips of Hua Mei’s early years at the San Diego Zoo.
    The video can be found at the following link:

    • Thank you Rose. Just wonderful.

    • Thanks for posting that link! I hadn’t seen this before.

  28. Dear Mama,

    Happy Birthday to the bestest mama panda in China. I love you and miss you very much. I hope you and my little brother are doing well. I hear that he is a champion tree-climber. That ability seems to run in our family.

    Anyway, I hope you have had a wonderful day.

    Love and kisses,

    Your daughter, Hao Hao

  29. Checking the wish list, I see that the numbers have not changed in several days. Has the list been updated, or have the donations fallen off?

    Wish List coordinator responds: I just updated it this morning. We experienced some technical problems with the Wish List store last week (Aug. 12) and computer engineers are still investigating the problem, but I did update the quantity. Thanks!

  30. I keep checking the cam, hoping it has switched to Bai in the den since I last looked. Guess I need the name of a good therapist.

  31. If Bai does not have a cubbie soon ,will she be on exhibit for her birthday on 7th Sept and will she get a cake?
    We are visiting the zoo on either 7th, 8th or 9th Sept and it would be lovely to come on her birthday. This is our third visit in 8 years and we still haven’t seen Bai or Gao Gao.

    Moderator’s note: We can’t say at this time what’s going to happen that week, as there are too many variables. But we do look forward to your visit, where you can see the new Panda Trek habitat!

  32. Here are the official pictures of the collective birthday celebrations for the Returnees Pandas (Oversea-born Pandas) for Hua Mei, Tai Shan, Mei Sheng, Su Lin, Zhen Zhen and Fu Long at Bifengxia. The last picture shows Tai Shan eating his cake.
    The official website for Wolong and Bifengxia posted a video of the collective birthday party held on August 21 at Bifengxia for the overseas-born pandas: Hua Mei, Tai Shan, Mei Sheng, Su Lin, Zhen Zhen and Fu Long. The video is not of good quality and lasted nearly 15 minutes. The “interesting” part started at about 7:00 with the arrival of the cakes. Chet and Mollie spoke. The cakes were then brought to the pandas, the first panda seen going to his birthday cake is Tai Shan, then Fu Long, sitting on his bench ignoring the cake!, then at about 13:00 it is Zhen Zhen turn, she took the cake apart very quickly. I believe that at 13:57 they switch to Mei Sheng before going back to Zhen Zhen, but I am not sure.
    You can find additional pictures on
    Picture of Fu Long and Tai Shan with their birthday cakes at Bifengxia on August 21, with legend in English
    This is a picture showing all the cakes and the volunteers before the birthday cakes were brought to the pandas. From the left the cakes for Zhen Zhen 4, Tai Shan 6, Su Lin 6, Mei Sheng 8, Fu Long 4 and Hua Mei 12.
    This is a video of the collective birthday celebration for the six “returnees” at Bifengxia on August 21, 2011.
    Here is another picture of Tai Shan approaching his birthday cake and information about the 6 “returnees” pandas celebrated during the collective birthday party that took place at Bifengxia on August 21, 2011.

    • Just looked at the video of the birthdays in Chiina. Thanks for sharing but it’s obvious that SDZ enrichment chefs make the best cakes.

    • Danielle, Zhennie’s enclosure in this video from yesterday looks exactly like the one she was in next to Fu Long that’s on the pandacam there before she was moved.

      Has she moved back?

      (By the way, thank you so much for your up-to-date posts here. I, for one, rely on your information as much as on the SDZ’s information here.)

      • Fonsia, I watched the video again (I wish it was of a better quality) and I think you are right, the enclosure in which Zhen Zhen ate her cake looks very much like the enclosure next to Fu Long. But I am not sure how her new enclosure is supposed to look like. I was told it is the enclosure in which Mei Sheng was before they moved many pandas. And looking again at the end of the video, I think it is Mei Sheng from many angles, not Zhen Zhen again. I have never been able to watch the cam looking at Fu Long and his neighbor(s) but I am surprised that, as far as I know, nobody has posted pictures taken during the birthday celebration. I don’t know if it was off. I keep looking for other footage of Zhen Zhen and Mei Sheng, but nothing yet….

    • No not a picture, just a comment, not happening!

  33. Perhaps Bai is looking to break the gestation record held by her Mom! There was that fire just next door, and all the contruction noises. Perhaps she needs a little more time this pregnancy. We are still hoping Lady Bai.

  34. A short film about Tao Tao, the first panda cub born in the semi-wild environment:

    In this film, he dropped 10 meters high from a tree but he stood up right away and climbed another tree. You’ll love it.

    • Panda fan, thank you so much for sharing this link. While I could not understand what was being said, it is great to see how much progress Tao Tao has made.

    • Thank you for this link, like the other comment, but just watching tells you alot.
      What a good mother.


  36. Here is a video of Sunday’s collective birthday celebration for the overseas-born pandas at Bifengxia, with the explanations in English on the side. On mistake in their storyline, the celebration was on August 21, not 18 as written. Still no footage of Zhen Zhen, Mei Sheng or Hua Mei…

  37. Zhang Ka, a wild born panda, gave birth to twins in a semi-wild enclosure at Bifengxia on 20Aug2011, the second born, a female, was taken to the nursery. This is the first birth this year at Bifengxia.
    Here is a video about Zhang Ka giving birth to twins in a semi-wild enclosure at Bifengxia, with the explanations in English on the side.

    • Got it! Some den!! Looks like the ones they use in the wild! Like a deaD TREEwith a large opening. How do they know where to place the den? In the wild? Lots of twins have been born. I wonder if that is normal or one of those things associated with the Sun’s behaviour-can b e like that for humans! Apparently we are participants with the Sun! So the cosmologists say! Here is a piece of infor most people do not know. We have a series of magnetic pieces in our brains. Which means we are attached this way to the SUn! How about that.We are learning new things everyday about our magnetic attachments. So maybe other species are like us in kind?Why not?

      • If anyone would like the study, I can look up the information, and you can read the monograph. I copied it, so I refer whomever would like it. it is not too scientific with words. But anyone can skip over them and get the meat of the subject anyway.

    • Danielle- how do they know that they should make a den for a wild mama.??
      And how do they know she had twins? And how do they take away a baby from a wild Panda?Is she already identified as pregnant.? With all of the pseudo preggers they identify?This is getting exciting when we find a wild pregnant mother?How do they know she has been impregnated? Do they give her a mate? Or do they capture her and mate her? Can we get the dope on how this works?
      Maybe she is the one I saw give birth? that one didn’t know what to do first and then she had another baby. Both screaming out loud and made me a nervous wreck too. We know so little about these wild panda females!

      • Zhang Ka is a wild born panda that was rescued when she was less than a year old. She lives now at Bifengxia, and she is observed by cameras. They did build several dens in her semi-wild enclosure, she can choose which den she wants to use, or none at all. She can move from one den to another. She is free to do what feels right for herself and her cub and the researchers are observing her behavior.

  38. Where is Yun Zi this week? Have not seen him or his mom, just CAM 5.

    Moderator: When are the new cams suppose to be up and running?


    Moderator’s note: We don’t know when the new HD cams will be available, as we are still working out some technical issues.

  39. ‘Qannik! Hi, thanks for coming to my party. Have an ice lolly!’ greets Yunnie as the cute polar bear comes bounding into the underground cavern that was hosting the BEARDAY PARTY OF THE YEAR. All the SDZ youngsters had rallied round to plan this party. They invited animals from other zoos too. Almost all those invited came as they loved this cute, cuddly Mr 2.

    The lion cubs took charge of arranging the decor. The theme was Love the Earth as the animals knew Yunnie was an eco warrior. All of them bought him presents that were made from recycled materials and he loved them. The rhinos gave him a multi-coloured tyre. The giraffes gave him a kite made from recycled newspaper articles on his birth. And there were so many more. It took him 2 days to unwrap them all.

    The food was arranged by the orang utans and there were so many of his faves; apple pie, honey boo juice, boo salad, banana flakes,…..his mama made him special bearday dumplings that were shaped as peaches. He kept that for the last as he knew they were specially made with great love.

    And then the flamingoes stepped up to the mike and the fun really began. Animal after animal came up to tell a Yunnie story or sing him a song. The Panda Grrrls regrouped with Hao Hao replacing Su Lin who needed to nurse her baby and could not come. They got everyone dancing. Yunnie danced with every one.

    He dropped and rolled all over the dance floor. He was sooooo happy and delighted. He loved shaking his tushie all night long. He had not learn to be self conscious yet, if ever.

    And then someone said,’It is sun up. Time to get back into our enclosures.’ One by one the animals started to take leave. Qannik came up to Yunnie and gave him a big hug. As she was twice his size she nearly knocked him over.

    ‘Woah there. Little Snowflake you are now a snowball. Thanks for coming and visit me soon!’ and with that she ran into her cute mini cooper and drove off.

    Kaya, the hippo, came forward with a huge stuffed panda that bore an uncanny resemblance to Bai Yun. ‘Here, my parents got this for you. They said she will be able to comfort you and keep you company.’

    ‘That is so nice of them, Kaya!!’ yells Yunnie as he hugs her. He was really touched and he knew this was one gift he was not ever going to give up. When it was time, he dragged all the boxes of gifts to his hammock. And as he lay down to sleep, he placed his head on his stuffie’s tummy, feeling all snuggly and safe.

    The end.