‘Alala: A Magic Moment

We have an amazing video for you to watch!

As mentioned in the previous blog, Corvid Cupid (part 2), we spend innumerable hours each breeding season monitoring and analyzing the breeding behavior of the `alala flock as part of the San Diego Zoo’s Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program.

An `alala female normally gives signals that she is laying an egg, but we usually have to wait for her to leave the nest before we know for sure. Not this time. This is `alala studbook #149, named Po Noe, laying an egg in the nest. As a rare treat, Po Noe stood up a little while laying the third egg of her second clutch. You can actually see the egg being laid.

Click here to watch Po Noe lay her eggs.

(Note: This video only seems to open on Macs, not PCs. We apologize!)

Jennifer Holler is a seasonal research associate/student intern at the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center in Hawaii, part of the San Diego Zoo’s Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program.

9 Responses to ‘Alala: A Magic Moment

  1. Thanks for the update Jennifer. Video will not open though.

    Moderator’s note:Yes,I’ve discovered that some PCs can’t open it. I’m so sorry!

  2. Congratulations Po Noe! And congratulations and thanks to you and your co-workers, Jennifer, for working so hard to save and increase the Hawaiian native bird population.

  3. Thank you for posting this video. A priceless opportunity to see a rare bird lay another precious egg that may play a big role in the ‘alala’s survival.

  4. I didn’t know that when birds laid a egg that it made a noise like that!

  5. Fantastic video, thank you for posting.

  6. What a great video. Thanks for posting it. Any word yet on the total number of ‘alala chicks that hatched this season?

    • 20 ‘alala chicks hatched this season; 19 survived.

  7. Congrats on an amazing season! I’m so excited that 19 chicks have survived. I wish you all the best of luck and joy in the raising of these little ‘alala chicks. I look forward to future updates and pictures of these little guys.

  8. I was ‘t expecting to happen so fast. LOL at the noise. TFS