Wild CSI: Pandas! Part 2

A Wild CSI camper practices doing enzyme immunoassay tests.

Be sure to read Part 1, Wild CSI: Pandas!

On day three, the students were back in the lab learning about behavioral biology and a very important tool used in this discipline, the ethogram. An ethogram is a detailed list of behaviors and activities of a particular species. As a panda behaviorist, I use our panda ethogram on a daily basis. It’s an invaluable tool that can help us understand why an individual animal is engaged in a particular behavior, as well as understanding the general behavioral patterns of a species as a whole.

I created a scaled-down version of our panda ethogram for the students and put together two different video clips for them to observe and decode. Video A contained footage of Bai Yun during the breeding season, and Video B contained footage of her during a non-breeding time of year. The task for the students was to decode Bai Yun’s behavior, using their ethograms, and determine whether or not she was in estrus.

Once the kids understood ethograms, they were back out at the Wild Animal Park putting their new skills to the test, observing the African elephants and creating an ethogram based on the behaviors they observed.

On day four, the students were introduced to yet another important discipline that we utilize in our giant panda research program: reproductive endocrinology. This is the field of science where hormone levels are monitored to help determine reproductive condition. At the San Diego Zoo, we test our female pandas’ hormone levels (via urine analysis) throughout the year to monitor her reproductive condition. It’s a highly useful tool that helps both with breeding introductions as well as preparing for parturition. In the conservation lab, the CSI students got to see what it might feel like to be a reproductive endocrinologist. They practiced working with pipettes and even conducted a mock EIA (enzyme immunoassay) to tests estrogen levels. This was a great opportunity for the kids to have a truly hands-on laboratory experience!

On the final day of the camp, the students were bused from the Zoo’s Beckman Center for Conservation Research to the Zoo. I got to meet the kids and show them all around the Giant Panda Research Station. They toured all of our research offices and saw the video monitoring areas where we control the Zoo’s Panda Cam and monitor the bears throughout the facility. They also got to see the behind-the-scene animal areas like the panda bedrooms, the nursery, and the new bamboo coolers. We all had lunch in the panda conference room, which is where the Panda Team meets to make all of the important decisions regarding the pandas.

I also took the students into one of our more private exhibits so that they could conduct some live behavioral observations on Zhen Zhen. They had some practice back in the lab watching the videos I put together, but now was their chance to do the real thing live! They all did a great job. Little Zhen Zhen made it pretty easy for them, though…I think she slept during most of the observation session.

The grand finale of the week was a visit, up close and personal, with little Zhen Zhen. Panda keeper Juli Borowski brought her into a special enclosure in the back where the kids could sit just a few feet away from her. They LOVED it! Understandably. It is quite an extraordinary experience to see such a beautiful animal, like a giant panda, up close. The students got to ask Juli questions about the pandas and also what it’s like to be a panda keeper.

Wrap up
This summer’s Wild CSI camp was a huge success! The students had a wonderful time, and the Conservation Education group did an amazing job. During one of our follow-up meetings, we discussed how most of the students seemed to think that all scientists wore lab coats and worked with microscopes. And though many do, there are also a considerable amount of scientists who don’t work in a lab. I think this camp really opened up their eyes to how diverse (and fun!) the field of conservation biology is. And my hope is that they were inspired to make changes in their families’ lives that better support our planet, and that, maybe, they might even decide to pursue a career in conservation science when they get older.

Pamela Crowe is a research technician for the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

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  1. Could I pretend to be a school kid and be part of the next CSI week? What a wonderful experience you gave those young people.

  2. I can only hope that we get an encounter like that during Black and White Overnight…….Great job for the students!

  3. me too! me too! me too!

  4. I’m with Deborah….. I’m going to be at the B&W Overnight and I would love an up close encounter with any of the Pandas!! Heck… I’ll even collect urine with a pipette!!! :-)

  5. wow, to be young again and have had this experience, makes me want to re-live my youth again :)

  6. HOW ABOUT NEXT TIME THIS CLASS TAKES PLACE WE have someone like our Rita Petita attend the classes, camera in hand to document the experience for us really old kids?

  7. Thank you for the post! I can’t believe the kids got to go up close to the pandas! I admit- I am jealous… I bet like the kids had a fun time, I wish I could have gone! Anyway, isn’t the Black & White Overnight coming up? It seems like a lot of people are going :-)

    Moderator’s note: Yes, the Black & White Overnight is August 21!

  8. What a great experience for those students. They will remember this for the rest of the lives. What they did
    one summer at the zoo. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to the B&W nite. Maybe next year if you have it
    Thank you Pamela for a great write up on what the students.

  9. I forgot to say, I got a new panda stuffy and I’m not sure what to name it yet. Any suggestions? My other panda stuffed animal’s names are: Bucket, Becket, Amanda, Miranda, Panda, Bamboo, Boo Boo Bear, Pablo, Maya, Yun Zi and Beanie. Also, yesterday I was at the tennis store (for my brother, not me) and I got a panda dampner which goes on tennis racquets but I just put it on my desk for decoration. It’s very cute and inside it’s eyes are little stars and it’s just the head, not a full body panda. I also got a mini panda card and on the outside there is a really cute picture of a panda in a red car. Yesterday was a Panda-ful day!
    Peace, Love and Pandas CIAO!

  10. Wow! How lucky to be up close and personal with Zhen Zhen! I’m with you, Ginger #1–I will gladly pretend to be a school kid to have that kind of experience.

  11. Reading what the keepers have to say about their charges always puts a smile on my face, and today’s update on the Atlanta Zoo website did put a big smile on my face. Heather is explaining how Xi Lan is doing during his training and according to Heather; Xi Lan is a straight-A student, cooperating like a pro. Way to go Xi Lan!!!

  12. Pamela, thank you for your answer on the previous blog. Hopefully your camp will inspire some of the children to follow you in the field of science. I wanted to but the math hurdle got in my way.

  13. Love, love, love the new panda cam page!! It’s fabulous, great job!!

  14. Zhen Zhen is not so “little” anymore. What a wonderful opportunity the students. Maybe some of them will go on to become panda researchers or keepers.

    Can you tell me what time of day the pandas will get their birthday cakes next week? I’d like to try to watch them on the cam if possible.

    Moderator’s note: Su Lin gets hers Monday morning, the other two will get theirs around noon on their birthdays. On the other days, ice presents will be given to all, but at random times.

  15. Annie Panda – how about Yogi?

    I was watching the panda cam, leave for a few minutes, come back, hit refresh and good Lord!! The Panda website has changed!!! :-) I like the look…. :-)

    Moderator: Who is who in the pictures? Bai and ?…….

    Moderator’s note: I believe that is Zhen Zhen on her first birthday.

  16. Yunnie looks like he had a hard day, all curled up and hiding his eyes.

    Love the picture of Bai and Zhen Zhen from ZZ’s 1st birthday!

  17. Uh-oh–just noticed there’s no post card feature on the new page :-(

    Moderator’s note: This page is just for the birthday week, but I’ll forward your comment to our Design Team.

  18. OMG, up close and personal with our precious Zhennie! What a treat! Was she able to see the kids? I must say, I would be thrown out, I would be doing illegal things trying to hug the bears! LOL.. I am sure I would be attacked by them but I guess I would start with Yun Zi, he is still closest to the cuddly stage! What a wonderful experience for all involved. I hope some day I can make the trek from the east coast to see these wonderful bears. Love the new home page for the pandas, you guys at the zoo are great!
    Sorry, I can ramble on and on about the bears, I am so glad I discovered this blog once the baby was born. Wish I knew about it long ago! Will Bai Yun and Gao get treats during birthday week also for being such great parents who brought them into the world?

    Moderator’s note: Every panda gets treats during birthday week!

  19. Oh how i’d love to be there for the birthday celebrations!!!! can’t wait to see pictures.

  20. How old are those students involved in CSI program? Are they come from a particular school or any students from any where who want to join? I’m curious whether you have a cooperation with a particular school in San Diego.
    #1 Ginger & #10 Frances, count me in! I love the idea. I might have a better chance since I have a small posture and still looks like a high school gal. Most people who don’t know me thought I’m still at about 15-17 y-old.
    Pamela Crowe, please, please consider to invite older wanna-be-scientists-panda-lovers next time you had this program. I’m certain many of us bloggers will jump to the offer.

    Moderator’s note: Wild CSI is a summer camp program offered to any child entering grades 6 to 8 in the fall.

  21. I love the new Panda Cam Page! It’s awesome! I am going to do the Live Panda Chat which I am very excited for! I am also excited for the THREE birthdays next week! And Ya Ya has the same birthday as Zhennie (August 3) so there lots of important panda birthdays next week! 😀

  22. I enjoy reading all the blogs and comments. Thanks for all the great info on the pandas and your jobs as caretakers. You all do a fabulous job!

    Only problem I have with the new page is that I can’t find the link to the time-lapsed panda cam. I look at it every day and am having a withdrawl today because I can’t find it!!!
    Am I missing it somewhere?

    Moderator’s note: Your comment has been forwarded to our Design Team.

  23. WELL RITA PETITA HAS DONE IT AGAIN…LOVELY NEW PHOTOS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL of Zhen Zhen and Yun ZI and every inch the glamour Pandas we all know and love. I bet by now you know the drill…simply go to RP’s Flikr page and enjoy the show. Just keep turning the pages until you run out of new ones to see…unless you are so absorbed that you just keep going—in which case enjoy yourself. Here is the link

  24. WHILE REVIEWING THE PHOTOS I went back an extra bit, and realized something……Zhen Zhen has dainty little feetsies. Well they look that way from tippy toe tree photos. Perhaps the little feetsies can be just as attractive as larger fluffier ones. Of course all of the Gao family would be tree huggers…or Yun Zi Eco-Warrior would not be who he is. It stands to reason that he would start with his family first….becaise he is such a young warrior.
    Rita, thank you for brightening the days of many of us who only get to see our Pandas through your camera lens….we cannot thank you enough.

  25. This 2-post series has been so much fun to read and share the experience with the kids vicariously. Annie Panda, you’re just going to have to convince your parents to sign you up for one when you’re a year or so older. Being so close to the pandas is an awesome experience, but learning about what goes into the research and care is truly memorable. SDZ staff, you rock!

    The new panda page (is is temporary or permanent?) is really striking. That certainly woke me up this morning!

  26. ‘I love to go a wandering, along the mountain tracks….’ sang Yun Zi as he packed his knapsack with apple snackies and some boo chewie bars. He put in a bottle of water and a flask of the best milk in the world.

    ‘Where are you off to?’ asked ZZ as she swung in on her bungee cord.

    ‘Hi, jie jie. I’m off to visit the polar bears and maybe the sun bears if I have time.’

    ‘Does Mama know this?’ asked ZZ raising her eyebrow quizzically (if she had eyebrows).

    ‘Errrrr, not exactly, I did mention I wanted to see the world one day,’ grinned her brother.

    ‘You know Mama will have a fit if she finds you gone.’

    ‘Hush, she is having her beauty nap now and when she wakes she will have her afternoon tea. Once she tucks into her boo, she won’t notice. I reckon I have 3 hours and I will be back by then, hee hee.’

    ‘Hmmm, you sure?’

    ‘Help me, JIe Jie. Give me a lift?’ begged her brother.

    ‘Here goes!’

    ‘Wheeeeee!’ and ZZ lifts her brother and swings him over the fence.

    He trots along and soon arrives at the home of Chinook, Tatqiq and Kalluk. Tatqiq swims up and shakes off the water.

    ‘Woah, that’s cold!’ squeals Yunnie.

    ‘And lovely in this heat! Wanna join us for a swim?’ asks Kalluk who is still swimming.

    ‘No, thanks. I can’t,’ said Yunnie gingerly.

    ‘Hop on my back!’ offers Tatqiq. And he does.

    She takes him for a lap of the Polar Bear Pool. He screams with delight as he clings on to her fur.

    Then they sit for a chat. ‘Fish?’ offers Tatqiq as she picks up her fav snack.

    Yun Zi takes a sniff and says, ‘Nice smell but no, pandas eat bamboo not fish.’

    ‘What’s bamboo?’ asks Kalluk from the pool. He does so enjoy his swims.

    ‘A plant with a thick stem and yummy leaves. Found in China where my family come from.’

    ‘Where our family come from, there are no green plants. Lots of snow though!’ explains Tatqiq as she sneakily dumps a snow ball on the young panda.

    ‘Ha Ha, Mama tells me there is snow where we come from but I have not experienced it till now,’ grins Yunior.

    ‘Sometimes, the nanny keepers put in snow for us to play! Way cool!’ shouts Kalluk.

    ‘I hope I will get some this winter then!’ wishes Yun Zi. ‘Have some bamboo bars,’ he offers the polar bears.

    ‘No thanks, polar bears don’t eat plants. We need lots of meat to stay healthy,’ replies Tatqiq, ‘You go ahead and I will eat my fish snacks.’

    They munch in companionable silence.

    ‘YUNNIE YUNNIE! Mama’s awake!’ is a cry that is relayed from ZZ to Yun Zi.

    ‘Oops, gotta go. Thanks for the ride around the pool!’ says the polite young bear.

    ‘No worries, come back and next time swim with us!’ offers Tatqiq as she gets ready to join her brother in the pool again.

    ‘Bye Bye’ yells Yunnie as he quickly trots towards his enclosure. He manages to grab a ride from a passing tram.

    ZZ is waiting and she scoops him up and places him in his hammock just in time. He quickly takes off his knapsack and places it under his head and closes his eyes.

    ‘Wake up, sleephead!’ calls Mama Bai.

    ‘Wasssssaup Mama?’ yawns a tired baby bear.

    ‘Come and play! There is sawdust in a box. Really fun!’

    ‘Mama, I am tired!’

    ‘What have you been doing all day? Sleeping and drinking milk thats all.’

    ‘Hee Hee and swimming with the polar bears…’ whispers Yun Zi.

    ‘What’s that? asks Bai, her perfect Mickey Mouse ears pricked up.

    ‘Oh, nothing. I mentioned that dwinking milk is the best!’

    ‘OK then. come!’ and Bai lifts him by the scruff of his neck.

    ‘Friends, our secret, right?’ winks Yun Zi as he jumps into a pile of sawdust, ‘WHEEEEE!’

  27. I tried to find the time lapse camera link on the web page but didn’t see it — is it gone for good, or did I just overlook it somewhere on the page?

  28. We are about to celebrate a birthday!! Can’t wait. Yun Zi 1 year old!!!???

  29. Your new page is very colorful — but I do not like the panda cam at the side of the screen AND where is the list that identifies which panda is on the cam? Love all the information SDZ and bloggers provide.

    Moderator’s note: This is a temporary look for the panda birthday week, but your comment has been forwarded to the Design Team.

  30. The new panda cam page is FANTASTIC! – what a special tribute to these beautiful bears – and all the photos of the pandas enjoying their birthday treats – what an exciting time!!!! – Happy Birthday to all of the pandas 😀

  31. Pamela, the camp opened up the lucky youngsters’ eyes and your blog opened up my eyes. Thank You.

    Now let me answer a few questions from the previous blog.

    Dianna, Ohio – I witnessed a moment of LP falling down a tree and still remembered every details of the situation. It was the second time that LH resisted to the call of the keeper.
    (The first time was when LP showed off her climbing skill to her mama but mama wasn’t quite ready to see her daughter doing something too risky. LH followed LP to the upper level of the wooden structure and brought LP down safe and sound. I also found a video clip of the whole breath taking moment.)


    One thing you should know about LP is that when her engine is started, her gears will shift rapidly from gear1 to gear5. Whenever LP’s in her gear5 mode, nothing can slow her down unless her batteries are out.
    Back to the day she fell down the tree. LP’s already in her top gear. She climbed up the tree with confident and no one could stop her. The keeper knew that LP wouldn’t be able to climb down by herself. He decided to call LH in so the keeper could rescue LP. LH resisted the call And things’re going on as you saw on the video. And the next day, LP’s falling down a 4ft hight tree made it on the front page of every newspapers in Thailand. CMZ phone lines had never stopped ringing. The vet team inform the public not to worry. LP showed no sign of limping and there’s no blood in her urine that meant her internal organs were not injured. But only words from the vet weren’t enough to satisfy the fans. The complete check up was requested. LP then got her 1st x-ray a week after her falling down. The result was of cause no injury, no broken bone, a 100% healthy. Finally it gave relief to the fans. (hope i don’t make u bored by telling the long story.)

    Lucilla – I’m positive that there’re a number of Thai fans waiting to hear the CC and GG , papa club.

    Marie – There’re more of the Thai Panda fun facts to come.

    Grammmie – I tried to access the link but all i had was a blank page in gray……..

    Pandafan-north – Danielle’s right about the 14months birthday party. And the 27th of this month happened to be a beginning of Buddhist lent. So they did a small ceremony of giving the candles to the temple and had LP donated money to a temple. (It’s a partial of a Thai traditional thing.) The gentleman you mentioned was Mr. Sopon Damnui, Ph.D. The Executive Directer of Zoological Park Organization, Thailand. If you watched a daily highlight of that day, you would see him telling a story of his recent trip in the states. He said an american guy came to see him and asked where he’s from. “Thailand” Mr. Sopon answered. The american guy asked another question, “Do you know Lin Ping?” Mr. Sopon smiled and said, “I’m her daddy.” Then the american guy gave Mr. Sopon a big hug and told him that he wathed LP everyday on the internet ………LOL……

    KJ – I wish I could find a clip for you. I’m pretty much sure that you may find one from a whole bunch of nulilly’s clip on youtube. And If you could access CMZ cam at your day time, I’m sure you will see LH doing that. (Because your day is our night.)

    Lauren – I’m happy I found it here too. I just hope the moderator wouldn’t mind my post taking up lots of spaces in the blog……i’m sorry… :(

  32. #26 Lucilla: Great story! A lot of nice and funny touches.

  33. Please note that the “new” Panda Cam” page is just to help promote the Panda Birthday Week. You can still access the “normal” Panda Cam page for the postcard, time lapse, and Cam IDs at: http://www.sandiegozoo.org/pandacam/index2010.html

  34. Lucilla: Cute story… Will Yunior go visit the baby ellies over at the WAP?

    Weegee: A story about LP and her parents is NEVER boring!!! As you can probably tell.. .LP has MANY American friends… Don’t ever worry that the story is too long. Wonder what Mr Sopon thought when he got a hug because of LP???

    LH is such a good Mom.. very protective…That video is too cute. Poor LH… she tries so hard to help her cubbie out of predictaments… it looked like she was going to drop her at one point… and I remember when LP was stuck in the chair from her birthday party and LH made it worse by tugging on her… :-)

    I didn’t know she was still having monthly birthday parties!!

  35. I saw the new page last night- Happy,Happy b-day in advance to all 3 cubs +Great Parents,, Bai Yun,GaoGao!!its great to have all 3 cubs b-days in 1 week…I will be watching!! I would love,love love to come out to see all the zoo animals esp. the pandas, I want to see Yun-Zi before he grows up toooo much and Ms. Su Lin before shes off to china (side note: when we went to NZ,we stayed with the pandas the whole time,maybe for 30 minuites we saw the other animals) Could someone tell me the link to Lin Ping, I cannot seem to pull up the’panda cam’ on them,I can get loads of videos. #26- your story was great!! I love to read these!! The SD PANDA TEAM IS GREAT!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  36. ANOTHER GREAT STORY LUCILLA. I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU KEEP COMING UP WITH SO MANY GREAT THINGS to write about, but reading them is and adventure for me every time I read them.

    # 34 DIANNA – OHIO How happy we all might be if we had a JKBirthday Ccelebration every mmonth. Lin Ping has so many fans that in order to not have to take a very long time (probably days) to go throug, gifts, cards and lettters, they do it oncce a month. I, for one think it is a good idea.

    # 35 RHONDA

  37. #35 RHONDA I wish, wish, wish tiy couldgo too. Having to wait to see a Family so beautiful must be hard work…you will make it someday.

  38. Hi –

    I love watching all the pandas on the panda cam and I also
    enjoy “sending postcards” of the pandas. Is it still possible to
    send postcards from the panda cam with this new birthday website?
    If so, How? Many thanks,

    May Ellen

    Moderator’s note: You can still access the “normal” Panda Cam page for the postcard, time lapse, and Cam IDs at: http://www.sandiegozoo.org/pandacam/index2010.html

  39. Panda Fan North – (from the previous posting) – I just watched the Chuang video again where he was “self anointing” himself with the dirt… so he either likes the smell of dirt or that particular plant… I would bet money he was wiped down after he came off exhibit. I like his tire hammock too… Just right for a big guy like himself…

    I remember a video of LP in her exhibit with SCK. LP would do a somersault past a group of recent plantings, and as she would roll over, she would grab a plant and pull it up… She did it a couple times.. he would put it back, she would pull it up… She gets it honest!!! :-)

  40. oohhh… check out the Gallery page. It’s all birthday pictures and the picture on the “banner” or whatever you would call it is Gao celebrating “Gao Day” with his cake… Bai probably loves the 1st birthdays, because not only does she get a cake on her b-day, but she gets to eat her cubbies 1st b-day cakes too!!!

    Are those pictures just of Zhen and SuLin?

  41. Wow….that seems like such an awesome experience for those kids! I would love to have gone through that. Although, I couldn’t be there….I loved gaining knowledge and insight via the blogs. Keep up the great work!!! :)

  42. WOW!!! What a stunning new website! Thanks for all you do to bring the best of “happy” to your SDZ fans!

  43. Pamela, it was incredibly difficult to measure, but I’ve come to decide that Wild CSI is one of the most interesting and informative blogs ever; not just from the panda point of interest, but for the entire zoo and WAP. We would all pay a hefty sum to do what these kids were allowed to do. How exciting it must have been for them. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to contain my emotions, if Zhen was just feet away from me. I would probably be compelled to hug her and kiss the tip of her pretty nose.

    Thanks so very much for this ‘mini-series’ about the kids’ camp. I totally loved it!

    Kudos to the page designer for this week’s cam page.

  44. The new look of the Panda Cam page is great but, like several other posters, I miss the Send Postcard feature, the time lapse and the Cam IDs. For now, I’ve bookmarked the old page but please, Moderator, add my vote when you bring up this issue with the Design Team. And thank you for your great work! :)

  45. Master Cloud looks awfully cute today, laying in his hammock, playing with his boo.
    I love you, little guy…. you make me smile…..a lot… and it’s very welcomed today…

    Look at that darling little foot, takes my breath away = o ) tickle tickle.

  46. do you do something special for Bai Yun’s on her bday in September?

    Moderator’s note: Nothing is planned.

  47. Moderator: Thanks for giving us the link to the page with the time lapse and postcard features. The temporary page is nicely done, by the way — really a fun look for the special occasion. Kudos to the design team…

    Moderator’s note: I’ll proudly pass on your kudos. They are a talented, passionate bunch! :)

  48. To All: DoxiMom has a bunch of videos from yesterday and today (and more) on her Flickr site. You all might think about bookmarking in your favorites list if you haven’t already :)


    Lucilla # 26: Another great story…as always :)

  49. It’s good to see Mei Sheng photos being included in the birthday photo gallery.

  50. Are there any videos of Hua Mei and Mei Sheng archived in the right format? They were so cute on their videos. I remember Hua Mei’s public debut still — that was the day I fell hopelessly in love with pandas.

  51. #9 Annie Panda: Here is a suggestion for your next 2 panda stuffies. Name them Melanie & Luca, from the giant panda’s scientific name of ailuropoda MELANOLEUCA. Melanoleuca means black and white.

  52. Moderator–thanks for the link to the “old” page. I just know that I’ll be wanting to take postcards during the birthday celebrations.

  53. #49 Sayuri: Which ones are Mei Sheng?

  54. ‘Hello! Ni hao (Are you good?)….hahaha, yes this is Gao Gao…..how are things in Thailand? I hear that you little one is quite a handful?

    ‘Sawadee Kup (Male greeting in Thai), I am enjoying Chiang Mai zoo. The boo is great and I get many climbing structures. I think they are hoping that next Spring, LH and I will get another cubbie.’

    ‘Hee Hee, that part is fun. I can’t wait to see Bai in SPring too. We are going for No 5……Bai and I were wondering if you and the family want to come over for a boo barbeque…..yeah….you can bring some of the Thai delicacies….I am game to try…..Oh and that delicious Thai oranges and bananas…

    ‘Let me ask LH. Sometimes she and Ping have to go for training….’

    ‘Oh, they are always asking us for our paws and to sit down etc….

    ‘Yes, and my little girl is sooooo naughty, she will do it right then she will throw a tantrum and not do it anymore…..OUr keeper is very patient though….’

    ‘Hee Hee, Bai takes care of those things. SHe won’t let the cubbies sass the keepers. She throws her weight around!’

    ‘Hold on, LH is here, let me ask her…..She says Wednesday next week is good.’

    ‘Cool, see you guys then. Bye Chuang, hee hee a six pack of good Thai boo beer…..’

    ‘Hee Hee thought you would never ask, sure thing….just lay on the good boo…. Bye Gao.’


  55. Someone who’s followed all the pandas since birth needs to tell us who is who in the gallery. I recognize Bai of course, and little Zhennie, but I’m not sure which ones are SL and MS. I LOVE the Gao picture. He’s such a happy papa bear. :)

  56. Your new panda page is so cool, oh how I wish I could join the augest 3 panda chat you will have going on. 😀 WOW, a whole week with three panda birthdays! 😀 I haven’t seen Yun Zi in a while, how is he doing? Is he still geting his fill of the milk bar? My Yun Zi “fanatic” mom hasen’t seen Yun Zi this month too.

  57. #53 Diane

    In the Birthday Gallery, as far as I can tell, #2, #3, #4 and the next one from the last (with “3” cake). He’s such a perfect teddy bear panda.

  58. Mary #50–Youtube is pretty good at adapting formats, so if there are videos of Hua Mei and Mei Sheng somewhere, I think it would be fantastic if they could get uploaded so that we could all see them and catch up on the cubs who came before we became panda adorers. (Pretty tortured sentence, but I think you all know what I mean…)

  59. #31 weegee – Thanks for the link to the video of Lin Ping and Lin Hui. Lin Hui did a fairly good job to bring Lin Ping down, she was very determined…
    I was looking for a video of one of Bai Yun cub climbing a tree; at that time the keepers had put tree guard to prevent the cubs from climbing the trees. If I remember correctly it was Zhen Zhen and Bai Yun was climbing along in those days. Actually it might have been Su Lin. What I remember well was that the cub was really proud to have gone straight over the tree guard. Well, never mind, I couldn’t find that video. If somebody knows which video it is, could you please post the link? As I was searching, I did find other videos of Zhen Zhen. For those new at watching the cubs at SDZ and who might wonder when Zhen Zhen developed her climbing skills, here you go. Unlike Lin Hui, Bai Yun just let Zhen Zhen climb, and also let her figure out how to come down… Don’t forget to read the legends under the videos.
    12/20/07~Zhen Stuck Up In Tree/Structure~8.07min
    1/17/08~For Zhen, Ain’t No Tree High Enough~3.03min
    2/21/08~Zhen Zhen Climbs~5.15min.
    The last video might be during some of the last days that Zhen Zhen was with her mommy
    A Wild Day With Bai Yun and Zhen Zhen 2-10-09

    There is some good news from Bifengxia, with a twist, on pandanews(dot)org

  60. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A TREAT GO SEE THE NEW BAI AND PRINCE FLUFFY-BUTT’S photos by Rita Petita. There is a lot of chatter about Bai trying to pull Yunior away from the log he is grasping for dear life, but I thought they were trying to find just the right way to pose with the framing of curved logs just like Zhen Zhen and Su Lin did a few days ago….what do you all think??? Try giving her photostream a visit and see what you think…you need to visit at least 2 pages to see those glamour shots of the girls. The link to her Flikr account follows in case you need it.

  61. It’s 4 a.m. PDT, and mom and son are going at it in the yard.

  62. Marie and all LH’s fans, Last night i checked CMZ panda cam and I caught LH’s sucking her thumb again so i recorded her little action for u. With the camera angle, it’s hard to see but try paying more attention on the movement of her mouth and cheek.


  63. KJ – It’s you who requested to see Lin Hui’s sucking thumb not Marie (my bad)……anyway like i said i caught her in the act and recorded for you. (the link’s at my previous entry.)

    While upload a video, i came across a clip of another thumb sucker, Fu Long, so check him out;


  64. 15# Dianna From Ohio: Thank you for the suggestion, Yogi is such a cute name! I’ll name it Yogi, and also the Panda is a boy.

  65. #48 Bobbie Wood – Thanks for reminding us about the videos posted by DoxiMom on Flickr, I keep forgetting to check her Flickr site.
    Don’t miss the “7-23-2010 Xi Lan Goes Cwazy!” in 3 parts. http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandalover19/4831008225/in/photostream/
    and the next 2 videos.
    If the people in charge of matching the pandas would like to come up with a supercharged panda cub, they should get Zhen Zhen and Xi Lan together!!!

  66. thanks for the updates about getting the post card feature back after birthday week. I was beginning to get a bit sad thinking it was gone… Just for ‘greedy’s sake’. will it get turned into HD like the ellies and polie’s? I would LOVE to see bigger and more spacious pictures.
    thanks for the hard work! :)

  67. Well, someone must have put something in Zhen Zhen’s food this morning. She is running all over the place, hanging upside down from the trees, and in general just having a rambunctious morning. Did they slip her an energy drink or what? I know she is very active but this was just plain silliness. It was so much fun to watch. I wish so much that I lived closer to any zoo that has pandas. We don’t even have a real zoo in the whole state of Maine. :(

    I guess I just have to enjoy that I can go online and see such wonderful things.

  68. # 31Weegee: I have followed up panda news all over the world, but I never visit panda research center at CMZ. How nice to read your Thai panda story here and at pantip.com. My English is rather poor, I can read and understand. I cannot inform panda fan worldwide everythings I need because of my poor writing skill. I think that CMZ should have English caption on screen at daily highlight time for panda fan worldwild. According to LP’s falling down a tree, that tree is 4 meters hight, not 4 fts. Thank you for the story of LP, LH and CC.

  69. Thanks Grammmie for the RitaPetita link… Wow… Yunnie has some claws on his fuzzy feetsies, doesn’t he? No wonder the Nannykeepers take him off exhibit when he decides to “play” with them!!! :-)

    Sunnyland: If you have panda stories, we would love to hear them!! Don’t worry about your english.. we’re not going to critique your writing skills! :-)

    Sayuri: Thanks for pointing out Mei Sheng.. he really is a pretty bear… just like his sisters..

    Lucilla: Cute story… you know Thai too?

  70. Sunnyland – Thanks so much for helping me correcting the info. Sometime my hands did not collaborate with my head. I agree with Dianne, Ohio that you should join us and share your panda stories. Panda lovers here are warm and friendly.

    #54 Lucilla – VERY CLEVER !!!! a 6 pack of Thai boo beer, huh? These gotta be fun!!!!!

  71. #31 Weegee – Thank you so much for explaining LP’s ceremony. I liked Mr. Sopon Damnu story of meeting the America who followed LP – what a small world!

    Do the keepers have a theory of why LP is so reluctant to go out on exhibit? She seems to enjoy herself when she finally is out there. I feel sorry for keepers who patiently try to lure her out. Although, I have to admit it is amusing to watch.

  72. Wow! I want one of these for adults!! What a fun learning experience! I sure hope we get a close-up experience with one of the pandas when we come for the B&W Overnight. The date is coming up soon now!

    The temporary page is gorgeous. Thanks design team!

    Thanks for another Lucilla!

  73. Thanks Weegee for the video links of LP. I enjoy all info about her–she’s a sweetie! Have you seen the CM bears in person?

  74. Leslie #71: Hi! I’m not sure she’s reluctant but just waiting for SCK to pick her up and carry her out.. She is such the Diva! :-) (P.S. I know what you mean. I’ve noticed the same thing and I don’t know if it’s the times that she’s out there alone.. She does have a good time with Mom out on exhibit with her.)

  75. Diana from Ohio – Hi, spend a 5 weeks in Thailand two years ago. A week in Bangkok and 4 weeks in Chiang Mai. Have seen Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui before Princess Ping came along. I dont speak much Thai but bits to get around.

    Weegee – Haha, thanks for your kind comments. Panda Papas do enjoy their beer too I think, hee hee.

  76. Thank you weegee and Dianna from Ohio. Panda fans, I love pandas because they are amazing animals. Their bodies and postures look lilke human. Sometime I wonder if they are spacial creatures created by someone (may be God or aliens). Have you ever seen this video clip of LH and baby LP, I appreciate it very much, her postures while holding her baby look like women. Please pay your attention especially on sec 48-54……Oh!she is really a woman. It’s incredible!

  77. # 46 LJ THE STAFF AND NANNY KEEPERS HAVE NOT BEEN NOTIFIED YET, so please keep it on the down-low..but we have planned a big party for Bai Yun this year; This is a big year 5th cub/cuvbbette, 10 years with Gao Gao. Just like Panda Boys try to move girl pandas around-they for back for more lessons. When School starts up again evenings are out of the questions.
    #64/65 WEEGEE SHE IS ONLY PSUEDO SUCKING HER PSUEDO THUMB….or she is cheating and not tellilng us. It is those cure little habits that remind us they are still babies after all. I wish, wish, wish we get another photo of Kathy Hawk crouched down beside Yun Zi like the one in the Gallery taken between 4 and 5 months old. It might be fun to compare sizes then and now to see how this great Southern California sunshine grown our cubs, and cubbettes. Well ours seem to chew on their feetsies, others sucking on thimbs, perhaps this is another way to see that all of the babies outsde China are cousins.

    # 67 LISA IN MAINE I missed the “zhennie show” today—but if it was anything like what I have seen in the comments telling us where to great stuff then we will all fall down laughing. If you move out here and get a year round pass you could go see her every day until pe or both of you get tired.

    #68 SUNNYLAND I, for one, would vote yes for the english subtitles. Your english is far better than my Tai, and better than my english some days. I think that people who speak, read and write more than one language are far aheaf of me.

    #70 WEEGEE Yes more stories from everybody who takes the time`to write them. That is one of the things I copy and paste to five good freinds who do not have time to read all of the comments. They enjoy geting them, and I enjoy reading them.

  78. Sorry! I made a mistake. The link that I mentioned in #76 is