Pandas and Polars: Animal SOS

A few months ago we started working on program for our dedicated polar bear and giant panda fans to allow them to get in the driver’s seat and take a stance in the effort to save these two majestic bears. Today we are excited to announce that the program – which we are calling Animal SOS – is finally ready for all of you to see.

So here is how it works: you can create your own Animal SOS page, set a fund-raising goal, select whether you want to benefit polar bear or giant panda conservation efforts, and then get your friends and families involved. There is a section where you can write all about your love for our bear friends, upload your favorite pictures, and see who has donated to your Animal SOS campaign on your very own donor wall. There is also a section where your friends and family can post inspirational messages on your page to motivate you in your crusade to save these species.

This is a great idea for kids who have birthdays coming up and don’t need any more toys, group or schools that want to paw out extinction, or anyone else who is interested in saving polar bears and giant pandas. This is also a great way to honor your favorite animal lover or bear.

Funds raised from this program will be directed to polar bear conservation efforts in North America and giant panda conservation work in China.

On behalf of all of our polar bears and giant pandas—Su Lin, Chinook, Bai Yun, Tatqiq, Gao Gao, Kalluk, and our little Zhen Zhen—thank you in advance for supporting the conservation efforts that will help their relatives back home in their native lands.

If you have questions about this program, we are only a click away at or you can call us at 619-557-3914.

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  1. What a great idea! Gonna spread the word to our local schools.

    Moderator’s note: Thank you, Joy! Let us know how that goes.

  2. strange camera view two nights in a row- running water down a ‘trough’ like
    perhaps looking into the entrance of the bears ‘house’? just water..

  3. Very very cool… nice idea!!

  4. What a fantastic project. I have a follow-up question. You say “Funds raised from this program will be directed to polar bear conservation efforts in North America and giant panda conservation work in China.” I have no problem comprehending the work in China since I gave as much as I could after the earthquake a year ago. I wonder though about the Polar Bear program in North America you mention. Do you mean in Zoos? I just returned from the Arctic where there were plenty of “Polar Bear Warning Signs” but not a bear to be seen. It seems like so much must be done to stop the Polar Bear Habitat from melting from beneath their paws. Please tell me more about where the funds will be directed to help save those majestic big white bears.

    Marla responds: This is a great question. We have now altered both the panda and polar pages so that it clearly outlines where the funds will be going.

  5. Hey, great idea! I was wondering when there would be some way for an outlet for people to participate in for the pandas and polar bears. Looks like you all have found a way for all of us to do that. Pandas and polar bears are two of the bear species that the most endangered right now, and we all need to do something to help keep these bears going and save their habitats. That’s why the possible pregnancies of Bai Yun and Chinook are so important and significant to the survival of pandas and polar bears, and that we are all pulling for both of them to have babies this year. I wish I could be a part of this myself, but I do not have the money to donate to this great effort right now. I will keep checking back for updates on how this program is doing and what has come in so far. Good luck with this program and that this will be a huge successful effort! I also hope that this is a program that will keep on going indefinitely because the conservation work for these bears will never stop.
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  6. Terrific idea. This is going to be especially great for schools and for organizations like the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Camp Fire and so on because it can be turned into a project that will, in the case of the Scouts and such could give them a patch or some sort of award in their group. For schools it can be a class project for the year. As much as we want adults to donate and all we really, really need to get down to the youth which is where it will change the way everyone thinks about animals and and their worth to us and to this planet.

  7. Wonderful idea BUT let’s not forget ZA is also in desperate need of funds to pay the panda rental fees to China & keep their (our) pandas here in the US for another few years.:). The research programs that all of the zoos have must be invaluable to China so wonder why all zoos pay such huge panda rental fees. :(
    # 6 Peggy – you are so right, it needs to be our kids to change the way of thinking about our planet.:)

  8. When I tuned into panda cam this morning it was in the nest box! How exciting!

  9. just went on sdz panda cam . its on #25cam that is not listed so i am wondering if it is the birthing den. there looks like a nest in it are we going to get some news.

    Moderator’s note: Yes, Camera 25 shows the den.

  10. Is C25 the new camera? Now is we can only get Bai Yun to cooperate so we can use it this year!

  11. Oh boy!! Li Li at the Chengdu breeding center gave birth to twins yesterday! The 1st set of twins this year! Li Li is also 17 yrs old just like our beloved Bai! I noticed boo in the den this morning so it looks like our super momma is starting to prepare! Oh, the anticipation!! :)

  12. Oh my goodness!!!! First cam view this morning………. the birthing den!! Empty (not even Bai Yun), but still!!!!! Even the fact that it’s now ‘open for business’ and being featured on the cam is terrifically exciting and makes me hope that it will soon be occupied… and with multiple pandas! Phew! It’s almost August (Bai Yun’s favorite birthing month/only birthing month)! Fingers crossed and ‘panticipating’ (panda anticipating) here!

  13. Hi! Just got on cam c25, Bai Yun’s den, and she is getting her nest started! Oh boy!! Are we getting that close to a possible birth of her cub?? HOPE SO!!!! This was at around 12:15 pm EDT my time.
    AZ’s pandacam is not on for some reason; it just said ready. Will get back on there to see if they got the cam back online. Now to continue the Bai Yun watch.
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  14. The birthing den is on the cam–what a lovely sight! It brings back so many memories of Bai Yun and her beautiful cubs and the blissful time I spent watching them. Thank you, SDZ, for providing such an intimate view of the wonderful momma bear and her newborns.

  15. Hi, again! First off, I got back on the AZ pandacam after about 20 minutes or so, and it is back online. Watched Lun Lun running around in the dayroom but couldn’t see Xi Lan; he was out of cam view. They were probably chasing and wrestling again!
    Just read the new article about Bai Yun denning up! The SDZ cam is now on ZZ right now, but they will shift it back to the den off and on to see what Bai is up to. OH YEAH! We will definitely keep track of Bai and try to make an educated guess as to when she’ll have her cub!
    Gonna go for now. Will be back later on!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  16. Thank you for putting the camera back on their pool. It is so much fun to watch them play in the water.

  17. How cute is that, he found his blue ball, through it in his pool & off to a fun romp!

  18. right now it looks as if some keepers are in working in the polar bear house or something outside. One of the bears is quite agitated and is pacing back and forth around around their water fall as if to say
    ‘get out I dont want in or near here’! never seen them that agitated before.

  19. Hi Cindy, The source of all the agitation is explained in the other ongoing polar bear blog. Kalluk was upset because there was renovation going on in the space next to him. He doesn’t like the noise.

  20. That’s a good idea which can educate more people especially the kids to show their consideration to the endangered animals. A small donation can be gathered to a huge amount. Hoping your program can be operated successfully and smoothly.

  21. I’m wondering if that is Chinook pacing back and forth between the room and viewing area? Back and forth, back and forth…………..same path, no veering off.

    Moderator’s note: It was Kalluk, bothered by construction noise as we upgrade the polar bear exhibit.

  22. WOW!!! I was just reading thru the comments on this page and noticed that my 2 panda comments wound up on the polar bear page! How did that happen??? Was it me or something else? Oh well, at least the polar bear fans got some updates about the pandas! Anyway, was on the polar bear cam and saw all 3 bears outside. Found out from reading some of the comments that the bear doing alot of walking and circling is Kalluk. The other 2, Chinook and Tatqiq, were just relaxing; one of them was sitting by the stump just relaxing, the other one was eating a snack. Nice to see all 3 bears out together at the same time at around 2:30 to 3pm EDT.
    To all of the polar bear keepers, you all are very much appreciated for the hard work that you all do with these polar bears. I know from reading and watching Animal Planet programs about captive polar bears that these bears are not the easiest to work with, but you all make it look easy by the way all 3 of these bears interact with each other. The bears look real good, healthy, and active. Plus, we are ALL waiting for Chinook to give some signs of a pregnancy soon! Have a good time during Zoo Keeper Week and keep up the great work you all are doing!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  23. I was just watching all three polar bears at the waterfall area. Kalluk was reclining on a rock, just enjoying life and taking in everything around him. So relaxed! Taqiq was in and out of the cave and a rather full figured Chinook was eating. It’s been a while since I have seen all three of then together, so I was surprised how different the girls are looking. She sure looks pregnant to me, or perhaps she has a carb problem like me.

    N ote to the volunteers on the cam, you are doing a great job, following the bears around and zooming in on them is making watching the cam so enjoyable. Also Happy Zookeepers Week to all the keepers. Thanks for all your hard work.

  24. There was just a wonderful closeup of two bears muzzling each other and a bit of carrot eating! One is definitely Kalluk, but the other actually looks small, so maybe is Tatqiq? Hard to tell, since they are both drooping over rocks while sniffing and looking around. I can’t compare tummies!

    Indeed, I echo what has been already said. I love the work the volunteers are doing in following the bears around the plunge and closing in on them. These cams are fabulous, especially for those like me who will probably never get to the zoo. I highly appreciate the time and effort!

  25. Oh dear, I spoke too soon. That was Kalluk and Tatqiq. Only the workers just started up. Tatqiq is watching them with interest, Kalluk is rapidly pacing and Chinook is hiding her very dirty self (she needs a tubby!) in the shade further back. Poor Kalluk…the sounds must be very hard on him. Tatqiq may be a princess, but she seems intrigued by the machines. There must be a little tomboy in her! Chinook’s belly is practically dragging on the ground! She definitely looks like she is expecting cubs!

  26. Would that be Chinook, rolling about in the carrots and palm fronds, playing with a pipe? The close-ups on the cams are fantastic. A little bird came down but Chinook(?) went ‘Boo’ and it flew away!

  27. I’ve just spent a very enjoyable 30 minutes watching Tatqiq and Kalluk (I assume) playing and splashing in the plunge. Visitors must have had an awsome underwater view of the frolics. They reminded me of teenagers playing “king of the pool” on splashday. One (I assume Chinook) was lounging at the ‘table’, half in and half out, perfectly contented to watch. At times like this, it must be wonderful to be a polar bear at San Diego Zoo!

  28. July 29th
    I have noticed that the pool looked empty off and on lately. Is it cleaning time? What do the polar bears do while it is being worked on?
    Love watching them play in the water.

    Keepers respond: The pool has not been empty recently. However, it does get vacuumed throughout the week. During those cleanings, the waterfall is turned off so the stream doesn’t run, and the pool water may look especially still.

  29. A beautiful, chubby bear sleeping in the mulch bed with a bit of dirt on them! Perhaps this is Chinook taking a sunbath nap? She looks completely relaxed and as though all is well in the world! If she has cubs, which I highly expect, she is going to make a wonderful Mommy!

    I am curious. I don’t know if Polar Bears have ever been bred in captivity. In the wild I am assuming, hard as it is, the mother is ready to let go of her cubs and the responsibility of having to nurse them and then find food for all of them, so chasing them away at age 2-3 must come naturally. What about in Chinook’s situation. They will be hers to teach, but she doesn’t have to hunt and will truly enjoy their company. Will natural instinct kick in, after a few years, and will she be glad to move on without them or will she be heartbroken, like when she lost her sister? At that point are your plans to reintroduce her to Kalluk and Tatqiq? Will she have any interaction with them while she has cubs to care for…not physically, obviously, but through cages or walls of some sort in the bedrooms where she won’t be like a complete stranger when she comes back to them again on the plunge?

    I feel for you keepers! Lots of exciting things going on, but at the same time, a lot of various scenarios to contend with.

  30. I think that you all may have gotten the news by now, but the panda keepers have written a new update about Bai Yun with a beautiful ultrasound picture that showed a baby panda cub or two growing inside of Bai! It’s true, you all! Bai will be a momma for the 5th time! Bai could be having twins! Now, wouldn’t it be great for Chinook to have baby polar bear cubs in the same year?? That will keep all of us cam watchers very busy for a long time watching panda cubs and polar bear cubs! Please keep us updated about Chinook and any progress she is making, ok? A nice picture of Chinook’s ultrasound will be very nice to include in one of those updates!
    Have fun with the bears!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  31. Just checked the polar bear cam, and I didn’t see none of the polar bears on the cam this morning. Are they still asleep in their bedrooms? Looks like they are sleeping in a little bit! Will check back on the cam later on to see if all 3 bears are out and about!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  32. Back again! Got on the polar bear cam again, and there was a polar bear enjoying a morning snack! Great closeup!! Since all 3 polar bears look alike, I can’t tell which one that was, but there was a carrot by the bear, so I’m thinking that the bear is eating carrots for breakfast and was sprawled out on the rocks looking very comfy. Don’t see the other 2 bears, tho. They are probably just waking up from sleeping in!
    Will check back later on.
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  33. There is a rather dirty looking bear sleeping by the waterfall. Is this Chinook or has Tatqiq picked up some of her rolling in the mulch habits? I think we need coloured bows on them for identification; pink for Tatqiq, red for Kalluk and green for Chinook. Or maybe paint their paws?!! :)

  34. I checked in a few times yesterday — and wasn’t lucky enough to see any of the bears play with the lovely multi-colored palm fronds that were left for them. Did anyone catch that? They were really pretty — it’s too bad the bears didn’t tried to wear them as fancy hats and form a conga line… lol

  35. I was looking forward to the bears playing with the fronds too. One ended up in the water but I never saw any bears. The carrots seemed to move, but nothing else. That would have been something, bears wearing coloured palm fronds on their heads!

  36. I love all the bears and all animals, but ellies favorite in my heart. I love all the cams and can’t wait for bai new cub and maybe chinuck too. I was on my yahoo home page and saw 2 polar bears jumping into their water at the Schonbrunn zoo in Vienna. The water was so green. Is that algae in the water and does it come from them not keeping the water clean, cold enough and moving constantly. Last year I also saw pictures of Japan zoo too and their polar bears were all green their fur and their water was so green too. I want to tell them to fix the bears water.

  37. Bears sleeping everywhere around the plunge! I think I missed some major playtime, but now they look about as relaxed as one can get. They still remind me of kittens. Play hard and sleep hard!

  38. I hope some of you have been watching the serene scene at the plunge tonight (Saturday). Maybe they are escaping from the heat, maybe not, but there are 2 bears, outside, sound asleep. at about 9:45 SDZ time…1 is on the shelf on the right side (by the table), and one is on what I call the peninsula (well it has water on 3 sides!). It is so peaceful looking and beautiful, with the lights reflecting on the water and catching on the ripples in the water. Ah, summer nights under the California stars. (Sounds like a song!)

  39. Lucky bear, whoever that is, tucked cosily on the side rock by the viewing window at 11.18pm SDZ time. Getting some ME time!

  40. Poor Kalluk. He is back to his pacing, but one of the females decided to keep him company in their own way. Into the small pool with the waterfall for a shady bathe!

  41. JoAnne,

    I need another blog!!! I know the focus is on Bai Yun right now, and the impending giant panda birth, but where do things stand on Chinook’s den? Is it ready? Are the cameras installed? Are you building a polar bear squeeze cage? Are you training Chinook to do allow vaginal swabs like Bai Yun and Marcella? Are you training Chinook to allow ultrasounds like Bai Yun? Is she trained to give you urine samples? If any of the above have been accomplished, or are in progress, please provide detailed descriptions and photographs!

  42. Now I see what the water wrestling was about. A BONE! No wonder they were having a fun tussle in the water for possession of the bone. It looks like Kalluk “won” because the possessor is a very large bear.

  43. A special thank you to the cam controllers! I just got a wonderful scan of the plunge. One bear just coming out of the water and headed to the waterfall area, another hiding in the shade, perhaps with burlap pieces?? and the other camped out on the rock, by the water, taking a nap in the sun! All seem content, but busy doing their own thing! Now…we just need those awful spider webs removed from the cam. They are taking over the view!

    I was also wondering…the Panda cam has the ability to take a photo and email it to someone. I sent a few to my husband, yesterday, while the girls were enjoying their cake. Any chance we can get that feature on the Polar Cam? I am forever telling him of something he missed and would love to send pictures!

  44. How in the world does a sleeping bear not roll off of that ledge into the water? That’s a pretty big bear on a pretty small ledge… and oh so cute. At one point it’s head was sort of hanging over the edge — which kinda looks comfortable if you forget about falling into the chilly water below.

  45. Well — someone woke up looking a little grumpy and groggy from their nap and is trying to reposition and get comfy. I know there’s lots of more comfy places than that rocky ledge to snooze. Guess this is one bear that just wants to be alone…

  46. What a goofy Polar Bear is laying legs up “hugging” their pile of carrots all by themself on the rock ledge by the viewing window at 6:56 PM PDT. They look so comfy and happy. It looks very large like Kalluk or the rotund Chinook.

  47. Hi, you all! Taking a break from watching pandacam to check in on the polar bears. It is 11:30pm EDT my time (8:30pm PDT your time) when I got on the polar bear cam, and to my surprise, I saw TWO polar bears outside—one on the ledge and one by the pool on the far side. I didn’t think any of the bears would be outside at this time of nite, but I guess you all had the benefit of some warm nite air for them to enjoy. Don’t know which bears they were, but they were ejoying a nite out under the stars. Anything about Chinook and her pregnancy yet, and any ultrasounds being done on Chinook? Hope so! Looking for another update about Chinook real soon! Well, gonna go back and see if they have Bai Yun back on the cam again!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  48. Wow! My curiosity is up! Last night, before going to bed, I checked in on the bears. One was sleeping on that little stone shelf and it looked like another(?) was on the stone penninsula sleeping (unless that is a reflection). So, here it is, about 8 hours later and they are still there! Do the bears have a tendency to sleep most of the dark hours and are there sometimes more than one bear out during the night? Curious minds want to know!!

    I always have a million questions. Sorry about that. I just find them amazing and beautiful animals. Which bears likes to sleep on that stone shelf by the glass windows? Kalluk? Which bear is spending a lot of sleeping/resting time at the waterfall? Tatqiq? Which bear is spending a lot of time back in the shade near what looks like burlap and the possible area where Kalluk and Chinook both bred and took lots of cuddly naps together. Is that Chinook? Is she starting to show subtle signs of pulling away from the others on occasion? Is her denning instinct starting to kick in?

  49. We have a new panda cub. Fantastic news.

  50. Debi in MA, I agree with you about a postcard cam for the polar bears. I have asked a couple of times and the Moderator said that was a good idea and they would look into it. Haven’t heard anything since. Maybe if a few of us ask we might get one, although I know that time and money are an important issue. I keep my camera next to me now and take loads of photos.

    Cheryl, I have been waiting for one of the bears to roll off the rock but I’m beginning to wonder if they’ve attached themselves with some double sided sticky tape!

    I would also love to know which bear(s) like sleeping on the shelf by the viewing window.

  51. All three bears are out in the water, together, now. Each seems intrigued with their own swimming and cooling off games, but they are happy together and that is a lovely sight! Does Chinook still do her graceful laps in her roly poly body? :)

  52. Joanne, please check out my question at the end of the previous blog.

  53. Ten past midnight in the polar pool and that bear is out again, stuck to the shelf and fast asleep. It certainly seems to be the place to be. Mind you, as long as I was secured safely I wouldn’t mind sleeping on the rock either. It has to be cooler than the horrible muggy stuff we’ve got here, complete with rain, which makes it even worse.

  54. Susan #53, and that bear was still there this morning when I came online! Sound asleep, though the position had changed a bit!

    Chinook, my dear, have you heard about Bai Yun and her cub? We are all hoping the very best for you, too, and eagerly waiting to see if you will den up, this fall, with a lovely baby (or 2 or 3) of your own! I think you would make a very gentle and loving mother, and you always have Bai nearby to give you any advice you may need. I am sure she can relay the messages through the keepers!

    Time to see who is playing/sleeping/eating!!

  55. I am not sure which bear was playing with the kiddie pools tonight, but they were having a terrific time putting them over them and hiding underneath. Since it was near the head I think it might have been Kalluk, since I think he is the one who likes to put things on his head or is that Tatqiq?

    With the current problems with blog traffic, I was rereading blogs since 2007. I came across the one when Tatqiq got the trash lid around her head and wore it as a necklace for several days until it came off on its own. I can just picture what she must have looked like and can understand why she would have been upset by keepers trying to get it off before she was ready to do so herself.

    The things these playful bears come up with for their own enrichment are sometimes hilarious. I remember reading about all the decorations Shikari and Chinook would make with their beds in the bedroom. They are quite creative.

    Has the hearing test continued since the death of Shikari? I remember that she was a star in the study, and wondered if Kalluk was ever a part of it since you mention that he is the most sensitive to sounds.

  56. Appears to be a problem with the Polar Bear Blogs. When I click on the link it takes me back to 2007 instead of SOS. I got around the issue by typing in SOS in search, but it might confuse some new bloggers.

    Looks like the pools are still getting lots of use. I noticed they were sleeping on top of one this morning, and now I see both of them in the water. Good to reuse and extend the life and investment in enrichment toys.

    They sure enjoy using them for many creative “games.”

  57. Hi, polar bear keepers! Yes, I was wondering when your blog page was going to get back online again, too! When the panda blog crashed, yours went with it! The only way I can get to your blog is hit the polar bear blog link on the side of the blog page. Your main blog page has the September, 2008 update on it right now. WOW!!! What a crash!! Bai Yun has outdid everything this time! With her being the only mother panda to have a cub this year, everyone gravitated to the pandacam and the blog, and boy, the whole thing went crazy! On the Aug. 5 update about Bai’s new cub, they had over 250 comments on their blog in ONE DAY! That had to be a record for them! They have their blog back up, too, but I have to hit the panda blog link on the side of the main blog page to get into it. Their main blog page still has that error404 on it. Hopefully, someone will get something done to get all 4 of the animal blogs back up in a normal fashion this coming week! I had a frustrating time getting into both the panda and polar bear blog pages for nearly 2 days!
    Well, it’s Chinook’s turn to get us into the polar bear cub dance! I am really hoping and praying that she will have a successful pregnancy and have a couple of cubs herself. I agree with a couple of people that wrote in their comments about Chinook—she will be a very good mom to her cubs whenever she has them by this fall. Keep your fingers crossed, people!
    Well, gonna go back to the pandacam and see if I can see Bai’s cub. I have not been able to see the cub since Aug. 5 when I saw the video after he was born. Trying to catch her at a time when she will unfold those large arms and show us her baby! Keep us updated about Chinook!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  58. Sorry if this is duplicated. I hit the wrong key and my message went away.

    The polar bears are sure enjoying their enrichment toys in the pool lately. Over the weekend they enjoyed the two kiddie pools on land and then in the water. Today one of them is playing with a red cylindrical toy that looks like it might be a puzzle toy? Since Tatqiq likes pink and it is not something that one would put on their head, I think it might be her playing in the water by herself. In the view I see, there appear to be no other bears nearby to snatch it from her.

    Glad to know there are playful ways to lure them into the coolness and fun of their huge pool.

  59. Margaret #58, I think that was Tatqiq, too, by the way she was swimming and playing with it. We have had some wonderful views of the bears in the past few days, including a lovely closeup of someone sleeping on one of those big blue kiddie pools! I had forgotten how much they love those! Very comforting to them, you can tell! Right now a bear, maybe Chinook??, is out sniffing the area and checking things out!

  60. 8.40am UK time, 23.40 SDZ time. Not sure which bear this is, but it is lying on it’s back with back legs akimbo and head almost in the water. Oh, what a life! Thanks for the great view Meerkats.

  61. Just wanted Tatqiq, Chinook and Kalluk to know that I haven’t forgotten about them — just been distracted with the New Moon — the new panda cubbie. Saw the kiddie pools — a bit mangled — but missed the play session with them. But gosh — everytime I tune in — there have been some really nice camera shots and different views of the bears. Thanks so much — can’t wait for my visit this weekend — as the weather is supposed to be perfect!!

  62. Looks like a nice bit of sunbathing is going on at the moment. Sunscreen someone…

  63. Hi! Just watched the polar bear cam, and saw one of the bears dive into the pool and disappear from cam view, then there was a long train full of people that stopped by the pool to watch the bears swim in the pool. Neat! Still waiting for Chinook to give us some idea of whether she’ll have cubs soon. Just been on the pandacam, and watched Bai clean up Little Butterstick, and I got a peek at him! Gonna get back on the cam again to see if I can get another peek at the little cub! C’mon Chinook! Give us news about you, ok? We’re all waiting for you!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

  64. Would it be possible to get a portable cam on Chinook if she has cubs? National Zoo had some sort of portable den cam they would use when Soy their Sumatra tiger gave birth. While we have seen many panda cubs, I can’t recall a zoo in the US having a cam on polar bear cubs.

  65. dk #64, I believe that Chinook’s den has already been fitted with a cam, just in case! We’re all waiting with bated breath for Chinook to make her announcement in the coming months!

  66. One of the bears (Tatqiq?) is having fun getting in a last swim before they clean the plunge. She was playing with something white, like a bone maybe, but now seems to be enjoying watching someone on the other side of the glass!

  67. The bears are all zonked out all over the plunge. One on a mulch bed, one on the sandy beach and one under the stone cave. It must have been a busy day of playing and eating carrots! I just completely relaxed when I see these lovely bears resting, and always wonder what enrichment is on the agenda for tomorrow. Is that what they are dreaming of, too?

  68. How come so many days you have the cameras looking where the polar bears aren’t swimming or playing? Today, all day we have watched for 4 hours and not seen any bears at all, no not one. Can’t you turn these cameras around so we can see the polar bears?

  69. Hmmm… hate to be a whiner — but the camera seems to be stuck on the same location since last night — but with no bears in sight. Where is everyone?

    Moderator’s Note: We’re looking into the situation and hope to have the bears back in view as soon as we can.

  70. Awww. I was having such fun watching a bear (Kalluk??) playing with a bone and tossing it up against the stone wall, grabbing it, bringing it back to stone table and flipping it backward again up against the wall, over and over again. They were having such fun, until…the bone broke in half! They look perplexed and now searching the water for something else big to toss around!!!!

    Note to self: Try this in shower with soap and see how much fun it is! :)

  71. The last posting of any polar bear updates was a month ago. Is there anything you can share with your faithful followers at this time? We are all so curious about this marvelous trio of bears!! Anxiously waiting to read some news!!!

  72. Was that Kalluk yesterday (Sunday) on the beach playing with what looked like a black plastic bag? I’m sure it wasn’t a bag (although I let my kitties have supervised play with carrier bags minus the handles) but he was having a lot of fun sticking his head in it, rolling around and generally having fun. I’m going through batteries like there’s no tomorrow here trying to keep up with all the action, and that includes Bai and her little one too. Later all three bears were very interested in something at the back of the plunge. Or maybe they were just having a chat.

  73. Shame on the polar bears for being so darn cute. How do you expect me to get any work done?

  74. Hi! Just watched the polar bear cam! Saw one polar bear in the water playing with that long log that’s in the pool. Then, here comes another polar bear and that bear does a big jump into the pool right at the first bear! They wrestled in the water for a couple of minutes, then they went in different directions. Still can’t tell them apart, so I don’t know who those 2 bears are right now. They are fun to watch! What’s the latest on Chinook? Hope you all have some good news about her possible pregnancy soon! Gonna go for now. Will be back later on!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL